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What Research Says about Stress and Wellness

The world view of how the mind and body interact has changed significantly over the past few centuries. During the 17th century Rene Descartes convinced the world that the mind and body were separate and as a result much of our Western medicine is built on this concept of dualism (Gerber, 2001). Today this view is rapidly being replaced with the idea that the body, mind, and spirit are, in reality, one entity.

With the recent technology advances in medicine, health care practitioners are…

Red Meat: Super Food or Super Hype?

A few weeks ago, I was perusing through a food distributor’s health magazine and was drawn to their article on super foods.  I am reading through the list thinking I know about all this already, until I get to the last page where something shocked me. Blueberries . . . sure, salmon . . . of course, broccoli and kale . . . absolutely, but STEAK?  How could this be?  I thought everyone was on the same page that red meat was not only NOT a super food, but instead, something associated with…

Don’t Throw Your Diet Out the Window: Top 5 Tips to Keep You Healthy When On the Go

Sometimes we will hear, “If we would just eat like our ancestors ate on the farm, then our health would be fine.”  Now, there certainly is a lot of truth to that, but did my great grandparents have to pick up the kids from school so they could take Susie to violin lessons, John to soccer practice, and Bobbie to his basketball game?  Somehow pick up all three, feed them, scramble to get homework done, get the dog out before he has an accident, make lunches for school tomorrow and do a…

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